The humble sock is under-valued and under-appreciated. It is a necessary item of clothing that connects every person. From the best dressed through to those who have little interest in fashion. We all wear them. So let's be proud of our socks.


The Artists' Socks has designed an exciting and vibrant collection that I hope will push your black and grey socks to the back of the drawer.

We currently have five collections, all differ in styles from The Spatial Intervals Collection, which takes it's inspiration from abstract and geometric art by London Artist Jahan Gerrard. The socks match bold blocks of colour to together for two stunning designs.

The Seascape collection based on art by Paul Bursnall takes everyone back to their favourite beaches and holidays. Everywhere from Cornwall to the Mediterranean have been mentioned.

The Floral Collection by Franze Loa, reminds everyone of a summer garden with socks based on Cherry Blossom, Hibiscus and Poppies.

The Bamboo Blank Canvas Collection are those who prefer single blocks of bright and bold colours of Red, Blue and Orange. Made from bamboo, not only for the luxurious feel, but for the added benefits bamboo provides (for more information on bamboo, please click here). 

Finally, our new range takes us past Europe and on to Turkish Art. Two strong floral designs based on beautiful Turkish tiles.

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The Bamboo

Blank Canvas Collection

Bamboo Blank Canvas, Red


Bamboo Blank Canvas, Blue


Bamboo Blank Canvas, Orange


Bamboo Blank Canvas Colour Collection


The Blank Canvas sock collection is for those who just want a burst of colour above the ankle or when a bold design might not be deemed appropriate.

However even these socks can be linked to art. During Simon Dutson's second year at university, he became experimented in breaking painting down to its fundermental elements: Paint powder, water and a blank canvas. The aim was to create a piece of artwork that was randomly generated and to photograph the process. Titled "The Process of Art", paint powder, and finally water, was exploded from ballons over a blank canvas.

So, why bamboo?

Bamboo is a lot softer than cotton and therefore feels more luxurious. Much like comparing cashmere with wool.


However, it isn’t just about the softness and feel. There are also health benefits. Bamboo yarns absorb the moisture from your feet, keeping them dry. Bamboo also has antibacterial qualities, making the socks fresher for longer.