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Fathers Day
Father's Day

Father's day Pick & Mix

Give the gift of wearable art.


Dear old Dad tough to buy for? Don't worry, our Pick & Mix collection has you covered. Give your dad the gift of style this Father's day with some artistic socks. Can't Pick just one pair? Give him two or four! Pick & Mix two or four socks from our Collection for £15 and £28. If you give one to dad and keep the rest for you, we won't tell.. 

Simply click on 'Pick Socks' below to begin.

Socks part of Pick & Mix:

Spatial Intervals No.1, Spatial Intervals No.2, Turkish Flower No.1, Turkish Flower No.2, Footlights, Seasock, Poppies, Hibiscus, Sakura

No product

No product

Socks in Pick & Mix

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