About us

I started The Artists' Socks after I became fed up with the plain, hoops and polka dot patterns on offer. I wanted to elevate the humble sock into something that brightened up people's day, flashed a bit of colour around the ankle and inspired people away from the drabs of grey and black....despite later adding a black sock to the collection.


The inspiration behind the range is to combine art and socks, to use the sock as a canvas for abstract art by small UK based artists. While at the same time avoiding novelty and simply pasting a famous picture onto the sock.


For a couple of years I ran a Sunday market stall at Spitalfields market. This provided me with a wonderful opportunity to met and talk with people about sock and develop a range which people love. I do miss seeing the smiles on peoples face as they stopped and looked at the socks.


Market Stall_edited.jpg

We currently have five collections, all differ in styles from The Spatial Intervals Collection, which takes it's inspiration from abstract and geometric shapes. The socks match bold blocks of colour to together for two stunning designs.


The Seascape collection takes everyone back to their favorite beaches and holidays. Everywhere from Cornwall to the Mediterranean have been mentioned.


The Floral Collection reminds everyone of a summer garden with socks based on Cherry Blossom, Hibiscus, Poppies and travels to Turkey with a couple of pairs influenced by Turkish flowers.

The Bamboo Blank Canvas Collection are those who prefer single blocks of bright and bold colours of Red, Blue and Orange. Made from bamboo, not only for the luxurious feel, but for the added benefits bamboo provides.


It has been a joy to see people I've sold socks to come up to me, pull up their trousers display the pair of my socks they are wearing and proudly announce it to anyone within hearing distance.

Jahan Gerrard - Spatial Intervals

About the work 

The project ‘Spatial intervals’ was made in 2014. It is purely abstract work, and is about playing with geometric shapes and colour combinations. Jahan used pencil, watercolour and gouache on canvas board.

My painting process involves exploring colour and its endless possibilities. I apply colour in a patchwork way, putting colours across the surface - overlapping, interplaying, pressing against each other, and piling up - and trying to explore how colours contrast with each other. I react or respond to the surface and format of the canvas or paper, and other materials. Through painting I can express the aesthetics of reality and my perception of it. I want to evoke and create something that a composer can create with music. I am expressing what I feel about nature, the atmosphere, and my surroundings.