About us

Feet of the world, it's time to get artistic. May your socks be bold, be colourful and be artistic. Life's too short for drab socks!

We've been inspired by art and we've seized the humble sock as our canvas. At The Artists' Socks we're saying no to boring socks and have five artistic collections to bring a little art to your feet and more than a little joy to your soul.

Market Stall_edited.jpg

Our socks spent a couple of years brightening up a stall in Spitalfields Market. We knew we wanted to elevate the humble sock into something that brightened up people's day, flashed a bit of colour around the ankle and inspired people away from the drabs of grey and black.

The market stall has become an online marketplace, and despite our original antithesis towards black socks, we have now added a black collection because we decided that, if you can't embrace a bit of Art Noire can you really call yourself an artist?


It turned out, you could not!


We love seeing people wear our socks with pride and if you'd like to join our committee of artists, our social feed is your catwalk.  



Jahan Gerrard - Spatial Intervals

About the work 

The project ‘Spatial intervals’ was made in 2014. It is purely abstract work, and is about playing with geometric shapes and colour combinations. Jahan used pencil, watercolour and gouache on canvas board.

My painting process involves exploring colour and its endless possibilities. I apply colour in a patchwork way, putting colours across the surface - overlapping, interplaying, pressing against each other, and piling up - and trying to explore how colours contrast with each other. I react or respond to the surface and format of the canvas or paper, and other materials. Through painting I can express the aesthetics of reality and my perception of it. I want to evoke and create something that a composer can create with music. I am expressing what I feel about nature, the atmosphere, and my surroundings.