Turkish Floral Collection

Turkish Floral Collection

Delight in Turkish Flowers

Inspired by Turkish tiles, these delightful floral designs will wrap your feet in beauty. 


We are proud to be supporting Legs4Africa by donating £1 for each pair of socks sold. This means that by chosing this collection, we will be giving £2 to charity.

  • Size

    Small fits UK size 3-5

    Medium fits UK size 6-8

    Large fits UK size 9-11

  • About

    A good garden shoudn't be seen in one glance. It needs to be discovered. 

    These socks are abstracted floral designs by Simon Dutson based on Turkish floral tiles. The random pattern wraps around the sock revealing different and colourful vistas from all angles.

    These socks are also available as a complete Turkish Floral collection for a discounted price

  • Details

    80% Cotton

    17% Polyamide

    3% Elastane