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Spatial Intervals 


Jahan Gerrard

Jahan was born in the USSR, and raised in a creative family - father an artist-designer and mother a weaver, Jahan was surrounded by patterns and bright colours of the carpets and hand-made things. Jahan first  studied music, but later switched to painting and drawing when moving to England I wanted to draw and paint. 

My painting process involves exploring colour and its endless possibilities. I apply colour in a patchwork way, putting colours across the surface - overlapping, interplaying, pressing against each other, and piling up - and trying to explore how colours contrast with each other. I react or respond to the surface and format of the canvas or paper, and other materials. Through painting I can express the aesthetics of reality and my perception of it. I want to evoke and create something that a composer can create with music. I am expressing what I feel about nature, the atmosphere, and my surroundings. 

About the work 

The project ‘Spatial intervals’ I did in 2014. It is purely abstract work, and is about playing with geometric shapes and colour combinations. I used pencil, watercolour and gouache on canvas board.

Please visit Jahan's website to view the paintings and for contact details


Vibrant and solid abstract blocks of colour that wrap round the foot in a unique design mirroring the artwork on which they are based. These socks are a demonstration of the philosophy of The Artists' Socks; a true relationship between art and sock. The sock isn't just a representation of the painting, it is an extension of the art. 

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